Japan esoterica

5 08 2009

We’ve recently published a book on Blurb.com called ‘Japan Esoterica’, which pays homage to the variety of visual imagery in Tokyo.

Japan Esoterica - a colourful look at Japanese culture.

Japan Esoterica - a colourful look at Japanese culture.

View: the colourful display of costume and counter-culture fashion in the Harajuku district of Tokyo;
the twilight switching on of neon lights; contemporary and traditional architecture; or simply enjoy the other curiosities that make Japan such a fascinating place in terms of visual communication.

We hope you enjoy the book.
(Terri & Craig 2009)


Harajuku 2008 – New Photographs

12 07 2008

New set of photographs from Harajuku, Tokyo. Hope you enjoy them.

Harajuku photographs from June 2008

Harajuku photographs from June 2008

Harajuku Jam exhibition in PS2 Gallery

27 10 2007

Thanks to everyone who came along to the opening night of the Harajuku Jam exhibition in the PS2 gallery in Belfast.
Harajuku Jam

Harajuku Jam Opening night

Design Series 008

22 04 2007

There was something quite sad about this punk. He seemed completely alone in the sea of Harajuku kids and tourists, yet he obviously got something out of being involved in the Harajuku scene. He seemed to be letting the experience wash over him and showed very little little emotion the whole time I was in the square.
Solitary Punk

Design Series 007

17 04 2007

It was raining, very few people around, except for a small group of Harajuku faithfull who weren’t going to let the bad weather ruin their day. This guy stood out … I love the torn silk ‘mask’ and the fact that he’s holding a Disney carrier bag for some bizarre reason?

Waiting in the rain

Design Series 006

17 04 2007

Two friends enjoying each others company in Harajuku square. The contrast in facial expressions is priceless.

Lollipop Kids hanging out in Harajuku

Design Series 005

7 04 2007

There was something very strong about this girl. She looked very edgy in comparison with many of the ‘Gothic lolita’ crowd. I love the eyes and the slicked back hair.

Harajuku Gangster